The Jill Goodson Band founded in 2014; however, Jill and the band members have been playing together since 2012.  The band is a tight knit group of friends that works well together.  We love playing together and it shows!  We truly enjoy rehearsing and learning new music.  All kinds of music!  Rock … Blues … More is much more than a slogan.  It’s who we are. We love all kinds of music.  Rock, Blues, Country, Hard Rock, Hair Band, Motown, Ballads, Dance, Pop, Reggae, etc.  You get the point.  We bring a tremendous amount of energy to every song we play.  That energy comes through with big vocals, ripping guitar, unique arrangements and the tightest band around.  We want each and every show to be our best ever show!  When we say the band is tight, it’s more than just musical.  It family. 

Jill Goodson – Guitar and Vocals

Huge Vocals!  Ripping Guitar Solos!  Owning the Stage! There’s a reason it’s called The Jill Goodson Band!  We are the only female lead singer / lead guitarist around! Come out and see why everyone falls in love with Jill!

Jeff Isley – Bass

Jeff is a rock solid bassist with the chops to play anything!  A true virtuoso on the Bass with the moves like Jagger!  The more challenging the bass line, the more he likes it!  He’s a true rocker on the stage and puts on a show each and every night.

Tony DiBianca – Keyboards & Vocals

Tony’s strong/versatile keyboards and great vocals allows The Jill Goodson Band to play just about anything.  Add Sax, running sound/light and driving the magic Kia, Tony is irreplaceable!  He’ll even pull out a Kazoo from who knows where!

Greg Savoie – Drums

Greg is known for his versatility, devotion to the groove and obsession for hitting things with sticks.  He strives to make the music feel right and groove.